Boom!Boom!! How We Gunned Them Down, One By One, To Win Champions...

Boom!Boom!! How We Gunned Them Down, One By One, To Win Champions League, By Cyril Chiddy

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I’m still going crazy!

I can’t believe what happened. I woke up this morning, pinched myself, told my brother to punch me in the face, and then I asked him: “who eventually won the Champions League?” He shouted ‘Chelsea!’ And then I fainted, woke up, and wrote this piece. If you notice any ‘gbaguans’, just bear with me.

The turnaround in Chelsea’s fortunes this season is both staggering and bewildering. Back in February under Andre Villas Boas (AVB) when we lost 3 – 1 to Napoli and our league form was such a disgrace, I almost gave up hope until Abrahimovich took a decision that he would never ever regret. The whole football world turned against him, his decisions and Chelsea’s players.

Like most Chelsea fans, the return leg of the Napoli game looked like a formality. Little did we know that the boys wanted it more than anything. Little did we know that, it has been written in the stars.
The boys defied all odds against an attacking Napoli side, and immediately Branislav Ivanovic scored the fourth of that night, I started believing.

Then came Benefica with their attacking football. But they weren’t a force to be reckoned with like Napoli and we efficiently crossed the Portuguese Bridge courtesy of one our Portuguese imports, Raul Meireless, with that cracker of a goal.

Fate then brought us face-to-face with Barcelona, the Mighty Catalans, with their tiki-taka brand of football, while parading three of the best footballers in the World.

The fact that the Barcelona game came in between difficult and important games for Chelsea made it all the more scary.

Barcelona and Bayern Munich were good attacking sides with incredible players but the best sides don’t always win.

I have always maintained that “whatever is written in the stars, is written in the stars.”
*Barca had all the possessions, all the shots on target, all the corner kicks. We even played with ten men for the duration of close to 70mins at the Nou Camp, MESSI MISSED A PENALTY and Torres scored. Yet, the nay sayers won’t still believe that Chelsea’s name has already been written on the trophy.

Bayern Munich defeated the other favourite in the other semi-final, with three of their best players suspended for the finals just like Chelsea, yet, they still couldn’t read the handwriting on the wall.
Madrid would have been Chelsea’s most difficult opponent, but fate has a way of choosing a destiny.

Then came the biggest obstacle, Bayern Munich, at their home ground, with all their home support. But I always believed that we would win despite the popular “prophecy” in Nigeria about a tall black man crossing the ball for a short bald man to score in the first half. I watched the first half with so much fear and anxiety because of the prophecy. Thank God, the “prophet” didn’t see the second half in his dream for whatever reason.

Bayern, just like Barca, had all the possession, all the shots on target, all the corner kicks, they even scored in the 85th minute, but I kept believing. I remembered the way and manner the Blue part of Manchester won the English Premiership. And then, the big man, Didier Drogba scored with just 2 minutes of the normal time remaining, I went crazy, yet some people just like the Biblical Nebuchadnezer, couldn’t still read the writing on the wall.

Extra time came, ARJEN ROBBEN MISSED A PENALTY just like Messi, yet, some people still couldn’t accept the fact that it was Chelsea’s time.

What an amazing night! I’ve never seen a more heroic performance in sport than Chelsea’s champions league campaign this season. This was truly fairytale stuff. Even when Mata missed that penalty, I was thinking ‘we didn’t come this far to lose on penalties’. This was our destiny.

It was written in the stars.

We are European Champions, the best team in Europe!

We just confirmed On Saturday Night that WE ARE THE PRIDE OF LONDON.

Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!!! (KTBFFH)

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