Big Brother Stargame —WTF!!! Everyone is Gossiping In This House!– By Karibiba

Big Brother Stargame —WTF!!! Everyone is Gossiping In This House!– By Karibiba

Karibiba's Eyes

I missed you too 🙂 And how many times have I said that in the last few days?

Its been a very hectic week for Big Brother and I. I mean coming up with those creative tasks; how does he do it? And as for me…well some days can be so busy but we should expect some measure of stability really soon. My apologies!

Junia comforts Ola

So last week Luke, Yadel and Dalphin were evicted from the Big brother house, and Zainab was sent to Upville..Amen!

I knew she would survive. She has proven to be a very strong character in the house and one viewers enjoy watching. I was glad indeed when things turned in her favour! Sadly, Luke and Jessica’s relationship in the house was cut short following his eviction.

The couple were so close these last few days and reminded us of what love at first sight felt like, I hope they rekindle this ‘thing’ in the outside world.

Meanwhile our body guards left the Big brother house 🙁 apparently Ola was very ill and needed medical attention outside the house, since the one provided by Biggie didn’t seem to help much. It doesn’t feel the same but House-mates are doing a great job, adjusting quickly and entertaining us..I’m sure the coast is more than clear for his wife Junia…erm that kiss can happen now 🙂


Finally! Up-ville stars nominate themselves; this is when the game becomes even more interesting. Roki and Maneta are not the best of friends at the moment, as they have been seen fighting and exchanging hurtful words at each other. What do you know…in certain cases blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Quite sad both country-mates chose to despise themselves. Where’s the love? Barbz nominated Prezzo and Mampi, Goldie nominated Manetta and Mampi, Lady May nominated Maneta and Mampi, Mampi nominated Goldie and DKB, Maneta nominated DKB and Goldie, Prezzo nominated Mampi and DKB and Roki nominated Mampi and Maneta.

The star-mates think Mampi and Maneta are gossips in the house and dare I say, ‘trouble-makers’, hence, the majority votes against the duo. I quite agree with them although I think Mampi is very entertaining and is an important spice in the cooking soup! lol. Roki on the other hand is feeling really bad for nominating his fellow country-men and attempted apologising through her soul sister in the house, Mampi! Roki is playing his role very well but I’m not carried away by that sudden sweet side 🙂

Gossip corner

Talking of gossips, Jannette of Downville is quite good at it. Prezzo and DKB got nothing on her, remember the saying; what a man can do, a woman can do better! Yep, moving on. Well some house-mates think she gossips a lot and isn’t trust worthy. Can one ever avoid gossiping?..if you can reason well, the girls are also gossiping to Biggie lol! Talk about saints!


Zainab fitted in well atUpville with her enthralling tales from Downville. She managed to captivate star-mates’ attention. According to a fan; ‘Zainab is like electricity in a dark city. I couldn’t agree more! I should expect Mildred to be relieved by now– the interest Zainab had for her man was quite disturbing…. lol.

I had so much respect for Zainab when she told fellow house-mate, DKB, of her rape experience during the Liberian war; you know, in a way these house-mates teach me life lessons that will stick with me for a very long time. You remember when Esperanca almost left the house? Only to win the task with her partner the following week. I am proud of Zainab, and I hope people will learn that life goes on regardless of the past…we must learn to embrace ourselves and just move on. Erm..DKB though! I hope I can for-see better days with the two, he has a large mouth!

Lady May might not be an intellect but I sure love her charisma! A discussion she had with DKB exposed her lack of knowledge in Biology; but hey! I wasn’t the best in Biology as well so I can relate with that. She still remains a sweetheart 🙂

You can expect more interesting news as time goes by! And yes we should also expect stability really soon…Until next time!

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