Anenih wants PDP to quit dreaming about winning back the presidency in...

Anenih wants PDP to quit dreaming about winning back the presidency in 2019. But GEJ thinks party can win

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Tony Anenih, a former board of trustees’ chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has told the former ruling party to forget about the presidency until the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari is over. But the immediate past president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, who is a member of the same party, believes the PDP can win the presidency back in 2019.

Speaking when the leadership of the Jerry Gana strategy review and inter-party affairs committee visited him in Abuja, Anenih said it was very shameful for members of the party to be struggling for the presidency and other elective positions when the party was not yet in order.

The former ruling party is torn between two opposing blocs – Ahmed Makarfi camp and Ali Modu Sheriff camp – over leadership.

Four of its members in the upper chamber of the national assembly defected to the All progressives Congress (APC) within three months.

Commenting on the challenges, Anenih said reorganisation of the PDP should be the main focus.

“When Buhari’s tenure finishes then we know who takes over from him. When he finishes his tenure there will be more conventions on both sides and God will lead us to choose somebody who will help Nigeria,” he said.

“Maybe he may not be a party member now, either APC or PDP, but if God says that is the person, we will vote for him.

“God will direct the party to go and bring him. If He says it is President Muhammadu Buhari, of course, he can finish his tenure, but one day he will hand over. So what is important is to organise a party.”

But Jonathan thinks otherwise. He believes the party’s loss of the presidency in 2015 was a temporary set back which it can shake off and regain in 2019. Adressing members of same committee in Abuja, Jonathan said; “Irrespective of what happened in 2015 general elections, which we lost, it hasn’t diminished PDP. Losing the presidency is temporary. We would be able to get that position back as long as we are able to get our acts together. I am happy that you people are working towards that.”




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